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Here is just a sample of the feedback and testimonials we've received about our many women's self-defense seminars. 


“I totally enjoyed your Level 1 Class last Saturday.

I travel alone for business and write this from my hotel tonight.  I am very aware of my surroundings and feel confident from what I learned in the class.  I feel every woman should attend a class like this one.  Empowering woman, building self confidence vs. victim mentality is a special gift.  I pity the person who tries to attack any of your students!!


Thanks again and I look forward to your next Level 2 Class.


Much Appreciation!!"


- Carol Westphal


“I took the class because of my daughter, Celia….When she saw the information on the class, she BEGGED me to sign up and wanted to take it together. She got her way when she pitched it as the perfect mother’s day gift. She was right. I can't think of a better gift to a mother; the confidence and skills to do what matters most to this mother - protect herself and her children...BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT EVER!  Thanks for a great class.”


- Paula Gonzales


"I would highly recommend July Castro and the value she brings to an organization in the on-going effort of anti-bullying. As an executive member of the PTO for Tustin Memorial Academy and having been past Co Chairman for HEROES (Helping Enrich the lives of every student) I became aware of July's experience in speaking to organizations on the effect of bullying from the playground to the workplace.


She spoke at our recent annual PTO meeting and the student body which was very well received. She covered many topics and had the skill set of being able to understand and articulate to her audiences. She will be a commensurate speaker for any organization. Having spoken to many groups myself I am confident she can bring value to any organization in the pubic or private sector."


- Leo Cid, Cidimeg International


"Our team hired July Castro for a professional women's self defense workshop. It was so empowering for all of us! As real estate professionals, it is important we feel safe as we are often alone in our line of work. Thank you so much July for useful information and sharing your passion for women's safety." 


-Sue Mitchell, Real Estate Broker/Realtor/CPA


"Thank you July!! It was a great workshop because you have given me the confidence that I can defend myself if I had to. Thanks for that!!!" 


-xoxo Bogusia

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